Hosting an Event, Conference or Festival?
Your Organization Needs Our App!

The benefits of creating your own custom app are endless!
These are just a few of the features you'll love once you invest in your own specialized event app. And you'll love the updates we are rolling out monthly...all at no extra cost to our clients using the app. Take this quick SURVEY to help us discover all of your app needs!

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Boost Branding with a Custom App

Create your own community event app to help you connect your attendees to your events. Whether your events are held throughout the year, or your festival hosts multiple shows at multiple venues within a a few days, CEA is here to help add a meaningful experience to all that attend!

Connect, engage and advance your events with CEA! Keep attendees engaged all year long with push notifications featuring important info from the directors, trustees and sponsors.



Easily Display Events

Attendees can view all current and upcoming events so the users are always in the know! 

Update and event location, times, dates all on your own app! Need to make a change last minute? NO PROBLEM! Just login to your dashboard and update the information you need with a few clicks. 

Add events all year round! Not sure what your event schedule looks like for the rest of the year? We've got you covered. With a CEA powered app, you can add and update events at your convenience. Save money and do this with your own in house marketing team or select a package for CEA to manage your dashboard for you.

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Showcase your Sponsors

Give your sponsors/trustees the shout-outs they deserve! With this awesome feature you can display your sponsors in a way they will really appreciate! You can even "sell valuable real estate" within the app by giving the header space to your presenting sponsor. Click for surveys or send the audience directly to a sponsor website for interaction there. Create great value like never before!

Add and edit sponsors as necessary for each event. Gain more sponsors and reach your goals!





A highly customized mobile first experience maximizing personalization while minimizing development support. 


Wordpress plugin grabs your events and monitors for changes. We will work with you to expedite the imagery.


Community organizers you can engage with members, supporters and sponsors.


Proceeds can benefit communities directly, immediately and with a far greater return. Work together to set up best messaging and options


Leveraging geo-location and messaging to provide essential communication and event opportunities.


Members can share ideas to make smarter connections at fundraising events. Grow with with strong analytics and input.