Q: How do I know what type of event marketing my organization or company needs? Will there be someone to help me discover my needs?

A: APPsolutely, someone from the CEA team will be there to walk you through the membership process and help you take your events to the next level. Take this SURVEY so we can have the chance to speak with you about your event app needs.

Q: Can you please tell me a bit more about your company like how long you have been around and how many users you have.

A: Community Events Apps is a fully managed service and is there for you all year long if you have year round events or off season shows. Our goal is to become your technology partner and service any needs you may have all year long.

We have been in business since 2009 with our first version of Community Event Apps going live in 2011. Since then we have grown to approximately 50,000+ users.


Q: Can we edit the text within the app ourselves (i.e. for show descriptions), or do we send your team corrections if we find any? What is the turnaround time on those sort of fixes? (While we do have a team that proofreads everything, invariably a show will change a factual detail later on)

A: You will be able to enter all of the show info and update it yourselves through the dashboard we provide to you. Additionally, if you are stressed and in a time crunch we are happy to enter all of your show info for you into your dashboard (for a small service fee).

Q: Our web team is asking if images are stored within the app itself, or are they loading from *our* web servers?

A: The images are stored automatically by our system on AWS S3 when the event is created.

Q: How long does the app stay available in the app stores? Year-round? Or does it disappear after our festival ends?

A: Communication with your patrons doesn't have to end when your event ends. Your event app remains in the app store year round so that your patrons can discover and download your app to stay connected all the time. You will also have the ability to directly communicate with your patrons through messaging at any time.

Q: Is the cost a one-time charge? Or yearly? 

A: It's a lifetime subscription that is charged once. Additional costs are the ongoing monthly server service.

Q: What other services to you provide?

A: All things related to your events app. Custom features or functionality within your app, data entry, image editing, and graphic design.

Q: What sort of technical support is included?

A: 24/7 full service technical support, live from Orlando, Florida, is how we roll. All you have to do is text or email us with any issues you are having and we fix them immediately.

Q: The contract doesn't have a date or timeline, but states we have a lifetime subscription.

A: Our assumption is that new clients come to us with enough lead time for us to have their app prepared, ready, and approved by the iTunes and Google Play App Stores well ahead of their festival dates. We coordinate the "go live date" ahead of time with you.

Q: I assume that the subscription may be terminated at any point, with a certain amount of notice?

A: Though the subscription is lifetime, you can still cancel at anytime (that is your decision). There may be additional costs involved to get you back up and running again at a future date but those costs will be minimal. Our goal is to support your organization as your technology partner/app provider. We want to build a longterm relationship with you.

Q: Can you guarantee that the monthly service fee will remain the same throughout the life of this contract?

A: The monthly service fee remains the same until app traffic spikes. You would need to reach 10 server hits per second in the app before there is a jump in price. Most likely never hit that threshold. On the other hand if you do, you have a high quality situation on your hands. In case you are wondering, the servers scale automatically to handle the traffic.

Q: We see that custom features can be added.  Can you advise on the cost of these work order items, or at least the rate?

A: We do our best to keep development costs down. Feature development is not usually priced out by the hour. We do a feature by feature line item breakdown of the cost and then work through the details with you to come up with something that suits your budget.

Q: I see that events are grouped in months. Can you create a custom order so that these are arranged into ten days instead?

A: Yes this is easy because the events can be arranged to be displayed either way.



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