We Think Fringe Festivals Are Fabulous!

One of the characteristics that define a Fringe is their commitment to free and open expression. The variety of offerings at any given Fringe ranges from cultural diversity to cutting edge expressionism in all manner of theater, dance, music and spoken word, the performing arts and more. It’s the combination of the myriad disciplines (if that word can apply!) that make a Fringe so unique and why we love them so.

At the same time, operationally, they strive to minimize costs for artists and audiences alike so more people can participate and subsequently are able to provide a whole lot more festivals to participate in! In fact, although an international phenomenon, with the original Fringe in Edinburgh, Scotland over 6 decades ago, the USA now hosts more Fringe Festivals than any other country.   

We’re here in Orlando, Florida and our own Fringe Festival is the longest running in the US, celebrating 26 years as “Orlando’s most unique cultural experience”.  We’re proud to brag that these last few years, many of the resources tools and requirements for the easy and successful running of a Fringe Festival have been coordinated through the Community Events App (CEA) developed by Bold! Technologies. This year, the Rochester Fringe Festival, one of the three most-attended US festivals, also adopted the app, and we’re hoping  you’ll see the value and benefits as well.

From ticketing sales to event  calendarization, the Community Events App lets you customize every aspect of the site to your unique brand and identity.  From color schemes to font, categories to content, the CEA can provide a unique signature to serve as, complement or integrate with your own website for the promotion of your event. The more time Fringe folks can spend being creative and focused on their own brand of art, and the less time needed to be spent on the administrative details, the better the Festival promises to be.  

So next time you have an opportunity to frequent a Fringe, be prepared to expose yourself to a new and unique cultural experience, to immerse yourself in the arts in an interactive and dynamic way, and to open your mind in one of the most creative ways possible! Because Fringe Festivals, whether in your community, across the country, or around the globe, are fabulous!

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-Glynne Mallery

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