What's In a Name, Community Event Apps?

Welcome to Community Event Apps and our all new blog!   We’re just getting started but we hope this site will eventually become an invaluable resource and day-brightener for community, organizers, nonprofit members, and… well just about everyone doing good works. 

We figure a great place to start is to share with you why we felt the name Community Event was an awesome fit for what we do. We offer our technology and mobile apps for free or at minimum cost, to those foundations, organizations and nonprofits in the arts, education, healthcare, and community! That said welcome to Community Event Apps, our Platform as a Service (PaaS) and a fully managed platform. Specifically native Mobile and Tablet applications fully customizable to your community needs.

It's all about community and using technology and "the cloud" for a higher purpose! Said another way, High Tech and High Touch with a Higher purpose!

“Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.”  -Goethe

We fundamentally believe our technology is enabling good people doing good things in their communities! Here is how we are doing that:

Building for Mass Customization

We create highly customized mobile first experiences that rely on a core set of backend features that are configured to maximize personalization while minimizing development support.

Focusing on Contextual Interactions

We help community organizers engage with members, supporters and other communities through applications and services that not only provide essential communication and event opportunities, but also leverage location, time and proximity elements that bring communities together when most relevant. We also will leverage and help with “tools” in a community's physical world too.

Offering Real Solutions

We provide tools and administrative features to help organizers support, grow and further the mission of their community from providing new opportunities for members to share ideas to making smarter connections at fundraising events, our goal is to let organizers lead by showing where they should be focusing their scarce time and attention where it can be most effectively utilized. 

We very much look forward to all your feedback, your observations on how we can better our products and services! If you have not done so already and you know of a community that could use help getting their own mobile apps, we invite you to share with them our Platform, in fact, fill out the form below and we can always connect with them directly!