The Good, The Crazy, and All The Hard Work!

It seems that this past week has been quite inspirational for our community here working on and at Community Event Apps! Our community client and the design team are working wonders, the developers at our “genius bar” continue to impress, and of course with so much to share and learn, we cannot wait to keep you posted on all the new organizations joining us that are working so hard! Plus, we just offered and customized a few major Community Event Apps and are onto a couple more exciting ones already.

Here is what we concocted; if you will join us, we would love to take you on a journey and share with you a featured community every month. We invite you to take a break from your day and pack your "virtual" bags and come along as we blog about the experiences of you, our wonderful communities doing what you do everyday to help those in need and to do good for the causes and communities that need you most. We will share tips and ideas of how communities are using technology, mobile and other tools to get the most out of their efforts. We think all communities large and small can certainly learn and share to do more and do better. As we offer our mobile tools to you, we also want to be sure we highlight other great tools that may be great and helpful too.

Most importantly we would like to share your good works and tips of what works best for you. Let us highlight you and share your stories, the good, the difficult and sometimes even those late night and the crazy days! And certainly there is always just a bit of crazy ;) in every story.

Having said the above, here is a quote by Steve Jobs, that has always inspired us and that lives with us each day:

We welcome you to our community, so please stay tuned as every month we will feature tips trick and stories of and for organizations, foundations and nonprofits doing amazing things.