Just Download the App…

Whether entertainment, commerce, information or interaction, the most prevalent form of engagement these days involves using the device you’re already using. With nearly 70% of Americans owning & using a smartphone, it may seem like obstacles have been overcome in marketing products and services, but competition is fierce.

70% is huge in terms of adoption, but still leaves opportunity for growth.  As the funnel narrows, distribution challenges become more difficult to overcome.  Economic, demographic and technological barriers may mean we never achieve 100% penetration, but steady growth is projected to continue over the next decade while additional technologies develop and evolve.

For those who enjoy the many benefits of smartphones -- with applications ranging from telephony, social networking, streaming news and entertainment, online research, games, photography, banking and so much more -- there are additional applications to help target and facilitate those activities and actions of personal benefit to you.

Apps let you accomplish, well, virtually anything.  Literally, any personal interest can be explored and achieved by downloading a mobile app to your smartphone. From fitness programs to medical diagnoses, virtual augmentation, maps, music and shopping, cooking classes to Pokêmon GoⓇ, what you enjoy goes with you whenever and wherever.

And when you have to fund the fun by earning a paycheck? Want to negotiate your career and stand apart in your profession? Make work accessible outside the office by managing business on the go with any number of mobile apps! Emails, texts, spreadsheets, photo and file sharing, customer relationship management (CRM) tools, accounting, analytics and data management, meetings to marketing automation are just some of the many tools available.

When business requires you actually to be on the go, i.e. traveling for the company or attending a conference with peers and prospects, there are numerous event-based apps that let you win the experience. Check out Community Event Apps (CEA) leading the way with a simple, elegant solution to navigating location, times, dates, networking with peers, speakers and sponsors, letting you connect, engage and advance your career.


Glynne MalleryComment