IAFE - The Network “First Impressions” in San Antonio

IAFE - The Network “First Impressions” in San Antonio

[International Association of Fairs & Expositions]

Say what you will about millenials. (And never has so much been said about anything, it seems. In fact, Google gave me about 101,000,000 results in 0.35 seconds.) GenY is the 21st century generation, and from advertisers to retailers, tech specialists to political pundits and for anyone with a product, service or position, the millennial demographic/psychographic/ lifestyle influencers appears to be the number one (hashtag#1) concern on everyone’s mind.

As it should be, as it represents the future.

What is so special about this generation?  Outside of limitless growth potential for new priorities and behaviors, this is the generation linked inextricably, both individually and socially, with technology. In every aspect of life there’s been no other toolset but computers and digital, wifi and mobile, wearables and IoT. Companies and services started this century leverage those tools; every company that came before is working to modify its historical approach and embrace existing and burgeoning technology so as to be part of that future..

Organizations that put on successful events, attract the largest crowds, and engage prospects and participants the best, all target Millennials.  In the past, large organizations would have a staff on hand to handle the many myriad logistics of coordinating a conference, seminar or event. Marketing folks would be tasked with planning and execution, even directing traffic on site, having to make sure participants know about changes, are followed up with after the event and every other detail before, during & after.

Today, smart marketers know there are apps out there that do that planning, allowing them to deliver the information, logistics & updates on the go. Not only are there greater operational efficiencies in time and investment, and increased ease and convenience associated with the planning, but the really smart marketers know that’s what the audience needs and demands.

One such mobile app is Community Event Apps, CEA. It takes an event -- festival, fair, expo or convention -- to that next level. Entirely customized to your brand,

  • Mobile technology moves with users from their current environment to special event

  • Enables social media interaction among prospects and peers through chats & games

  • Push notifications for opportunistic sales, changes to plan and other touchpoints

  • Engages participants through education, entertainment and involvement  

We’ll be in San Antonio for the International Association of Fairs & Expositions
“First Impressions” conference, learning, networking and showing off our Community Event Apps. We’d love to meet with you there, but if you’re not mobile this week, contact us at info@communityeventapps for a demo today! Connect, Engage and Advance your marketing.

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