Community Event Apps, powered by BOLD! Technologies, was created for organizations, businesses, individuals, cities, non profits and event based communities to connect with their audiences in ways that haven't been done before! 

We knew there was a need with the first generation of the app, when over 100,000 downloads were achieved.  Since then, we’ve implemented significant upgrades in functionality based on user experience and feedback to tailor fit a multitude of additional organizations to find a better way to communicate and engage their constituents. 

Our team consists of visionary leaders, tech-savvy media experts, dynamic developers, marketing mavens, all led by our events maestro...and we look forward to working with you to assist or manage all of your marketing needs. The support and 70+ years experience our parent company provides delivers innovation in cutting edge tech. We love to see organizations collaborate and innovate because we experience the value of it each day.  

Use our rich entrepreneurial background to help make all of your events and connections more meaningful. CEA will give you a completely customized app specific to your branding and event needs. Let’s get started!

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