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Connect With Your Attendees All Year Round 

Your Event all In one app:


  • Event Details
  • Blog Integration
  • Content Integration 
  • Community Sharing
  • Feature Sponsorships
  • Donations
  • Blog Sponsorships
  • Unlimited Push Notifications



Your Community's events and happenings without all the extra's you don't need:

  • Create, managed events and send notifications to followers.
  • Complete custom look, theme and full analytics for your community.


All your Community's contacts in one place, safe and secure: 

  • View shared directory of member information.
  • Sponsorships and donations.
  • Complete custom look, theme and full analytics for your community.


All your Community's Favorite Content:

  • View shared blogs, quotes, videos and other relevant community content.
  • Sponsorships and donation engine.
  • Complete custom look, theme and full analytics for your community.

Platform Benefits to your Community

  • Provide a valuable service to your community, specific to your community's needs.
  • The platform allows you to earn revenue through sponsorships, ads, local offers and donations.

  • Earn revenue in a passive and active way.
  • Every impression is an opportunity to earn funds for your community, while offering your community safe and secure tools they can use.
  • Sponsorship sold on CommunityCloud Platform apps are sold directly by your organization, nonprofit, school or other, and can benefit you directly and immediately.

  • No hassle managed platform





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Joni & Friends


Platform Features

  • White label branded applications
  • Custom ad net work
  • Comment on an event
  • Provide feedback
  • Create and manage shared calendar, blogs, directory from web interface
  • View shared calendars
  • View shared blogs
  • View shared directory of member information
  • Create, view and share Journals
  • Create a user account
  • Support email verification for new users
  • Login via Facebook and Twitter
  • Receive notifications from organizers
  • Provide sponsors and advertising to member
  • Support Google and Parse Analytics
  • Join / organize multiple communities
  • Select from list of communities
  • Invite individuals and groups to community
  • Send notifications directly to members
  • Save my content in Cloud
  • Tag calendars events so they can be sorted/filtered
  • Sort and filter directory info by Alphabet, Type and Location
  • Show and hide calendars
  • Event Filtering
  • Bilingual support
  • Customize look and feel 
  • Create custom themes