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Christian Chicles

BOLD! Technologies, 4767 New Broad Street, Orlando, FL, 32814

Christian has a 25-year history of product development and product branding for Omni Channel Technology experiences building innovative native mobile and web technology products across a full spectrum of industries including health, entertainment, aerospace, defense, virtual reality, and gaming. Christian is passionate about using technology to help better the way we all live, learn, and work in the global community. He has helped develop products for NASA, General Dynamics, Raytheon, Northrop Grumman, Time Warner Cable’s Full Service Network (FSN), Prasara Technologies, PowerTV, Scientific Atlanta, Tupperware Brands, and Cisco Systems. Christian’s contributions to the cable television industry have touched over 35 million US homes and include design patents. When not working, Christian enjoys biking and fishing with his family and is actively involved in his community.