We Think Fringe Festivals Are Fabulous!

One of the characteristics that define a Fringe is their commitment to free and open expression. The variety of offerings at any given Fringe ranges from cultural diversity to cutting edge expressionism in all manner of theater, dance, music and spoken word, the performing arts and more. It’s the combination of the myriad disciplines (if that word can apply!) that make a Fringe so unique and why we love them so.

The Good, The Crazy and All The Hard Work!

It seems that this past week has been quite inspirational for our community here working on and at Community Event Apps! Our community client and the design team are working wonders, the developers at our “genius bar” continue to impress, and of course with so much to share and learn, we cannot wait to keep you posted on all the new organizations joining us that are working so hard! Plus, we just offered and customized a few major Community Event Apps and are onto a couple more exciting ones already.

Here is what we concocted; if you will join us, we would love to take you on a journey and share with you a featured community every month. We invite you to take a break from your day and pack your "virtual" bags and come along as we blog about the experiences of you, our wonderful communities doing what you do everyday to help those in need and to do good for the causes and communities that need you most. We will share tips and ideas of how communities are using technology, mobile and other tools to get the most out of their efforts. We think all communities large and small can certainly learn and share to do more and do better. As we offer our mobile tools to you, we also want to be sure we highlight other great tools that may be great and helpful too.

Most importantly we would like to share your good works and tips of what works best for you. Let us highlight you and share your stories, the good, the difficult and sometimes even those late night and the crazy days! And certainly there is always just a bit of crazy ;) in every story.

Having said the above, here is a quote by Steve Jobs, that has always inspired us and that lives with us each day:

We welcome you to our community, so please stay tuned as every month we will feature tips trick and stories of and for organizations, foundations and nonprofits doing amazing things.


Inspire, quote and pay it forward!

Huge thank you to YOU, our social media friends, fans and Community Event App users for  your input and also your engagement on all our social media.

We also appreciate all the quotes you share with us on Facebook, or those retweeted on Twitter or Pinned on our open boards on Pinterest. Instagram is fun too and we appreciate your comments there. This got us thinking that it would bring great value to you, to offer you, yet another awesome, engaging and inspiring app specific your community.

We would love your input on a new feature we want to role out to the Community Event Apps platform; CommunityQuotes! These are your own quotes collected by your community sharing inspiring words of encouragement you and your community care about.

Crowdsourcing content is all the rage and we will be writing up a couple of tips and best practices regarding how you too can crowdsource quotes and content relevant to your community, so stay tuned. However, don't forget, we are here to make it simple and easy, if you feel you are not able to crowdsource these quotes and visuals in time for your CommunityQuotes, we can do it for you!

We invite you to let us know if you think this feature is one your community would love? Do you think this could help with engagement and retention? 



Good Ideas, Global Communities!

We have so far experienced an awesome July within our community here at Community Event Apps. One of the most exciting parts of building out our platform, is that we get to do it collaboratively as we continue to work directly with, and be involved with, inspiring global organizations that want a new and mobile way to build, engage and inspire their communities!

We think of community as a family, a group of people doing good works and finding new ways to collaborate, so it is always great to see projects spanning the globe that are helping others to make for a better tomorrow.

On our end we are growing, collaborating and partnering with incredible people doing great things and what we learn and build specific to their needs, we can continue to offer to other organizations in the hopes that that will help them too.

We came across this awesome quote via our good friends over at #GivingTuesday and thought it might be a great idea to share with all our readers! Also, if you have not done so already, take a stroll over and be sure to check out the amazing work the folks there are doing! We think they are pretty awesome and would love to hear what you think too.

What We Can Do For You!

We are a group of like minded people of varying backgrounds coming together for a common goal of sharing our technology to those doing good!  We believe that a global community that cherishes local initiatives while using the latest and greatest mobile technology, is a community well prepared and powerful! At the end of the day here is the problem we see and the solution we offer:

The problem? 

So much to do, so little time, so many well intended members in our communities that care and want to give back everyday.  Yet, sometimes it's difficult for organizers and leaders to keep people engaged, informed and inspired to continue their good works for their community and causes they choose! Additionally, with so much to be done and so few funds, the tools offered need to be inexpensive, able for the organizer to correctly monetize with a larger return and to be scalable.

Our solution? 

Help out by offering engaging Apps and a Platform that can be used everyday by organizers and members, to share the right info when it's most needed. It needs to be mobile and always available to better target a new and more tech savvy generation of influencers, philanthropists and donors!

“In every community there is work to be done. In every nation, there are wounds to heal. In every heart there is the power to do it.” -Marianne Williamson

Can you use the CommunityContent app as an uber app for you community or cause? Perhaps all you need is CommunityCal to share the latest and greatest events you want your most valuable constituents to know about. Or at the end of the day maybe a simple CommunityContacts directory that you can create and share is all you need. Let us know, and feel free to connect with the Community Event Apps team and we can get your community on mobile before you know it. 


What's In The Name, Community Event Apps?

Welcome to Community Event Apps and our all new blog!   We’re just getting started but we hope this site will eventually become an invaluable resource and day-brightener for community, organizers, nonprofit members, and… well just about everyone doing good works. 

We figure a great place to start is to share with you why we felt the name Community Event was an awesome fit for what we do. We offer our technology and mobile apps for free or at minimum cost, to those foundations, organizations and nonprofits in the arts, education, healthcare, and community! That said welcome to Community Event Apps, our Platform as a Service (PaaS) and a fully managed platform. Specifically native Mobile and Tablet applications fully customizable to your community needs.

It's all about community and using technology and "the cloud" for a higher purpose! Said another way, High Tech and High Touch with a Higher purpose!

“Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.”  -Goethe

We fundamentally believe our technology is enabling good people doing good things in their communities! Here is how we are doing that:

Building for Mass Customization

We create highly customized mobile first experiences that rely on a core set of backend features that are configured to maximize personalization while minimizing development support.

Focusing on Contextual Interactions

We help community organizers engage with members, supporters and other communities through applications and services that not only provide essential communication and event opportunities, but also leverage location, time and proximity elements that bring communities together when most relevant. We also will leverage and help with “tools” in a community's physical world too.

Offering Real Solutions

We provide tools and administrative features to help organizers support, grow and further the mission of their community from providing new opportunities for members to share ideas to making smarter connections at fundraising events, our goal is to let organizers lead by showing where they should be focusing their scarce time and attention where it can be most effectively utilized. 

We very much look forward to all your feedback, your observations on how we can better our products and services! If you have not done so already and you know of a community that could use help getting their own mobile apps, we invite you to share with them our Platform, in fact, fill out the form below and we can always connect with them directly!