Redefining Mobile for


The mobile events platform that connects communities, in a meaningful way



Unique to your organization

connect. engage. advance.


Create Experiences & Events

Make your events more meaningful, find out when and what is going on with the communities you care about directly and immediately!

  • Offer all attendees an amazing networking opportunity at the event and year round.

Value Sponsors, Increase  Donations

Recognize your sponsors, and increase donation opportunities with mobile marketing.

  • Provide a faster, preferred way for last minute changes in messaging or sponsor opportunities


Your Community's Events

Create your own community app for all things that help you connect your attendees to your events whether they are once a year or all year round.

  • Increase attendee retention, engage attendees before the event, at the event and year round. 

Save Time, Save a Tree

Save precious time and efforts and make your year round or one time events an even bigger success.

  • Remove the hassle (and cost) of printing agendas, directions or even tickets 

Your Event, Your App

An all new affordable way to engage and grow with mobile. Offer your attendees and the people that work hard to support your cause a tool they want to use! 

Your Way

With Analytics you can use, every impression is an opportunity to earn funds for your community, while offering your community safe and secure tools they can use.

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A highly customized mobile first experience maximizing personalization while minimizing development support. 


Proceeds can benefit communities directly, immediately and with a far greater return. Work together to set up best messaging and options


Wordpress plugin grabs your events and monitors for changes. We will work with you to expedite the imagery.


Leveraging geo-location and messaging to provide essential communication and event opportunities.


Community organizers you can engage with members, supporters and sponsors.


Members can share ideas to make smarter connections at fundraising events. Grow with with strong analytics and input.

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